Equipment for hire

ToolCost per dayCost per weekend
Oscillating sander€18,17€26,16
Floor grinder big€31,20€44,40
Floor grinder small€18,20€26,20
Drilling machine€11,63€18,89
Cableless drilling machine€11,63€18,89
Hammer drill€11,63€18,89
Hilti TE24€21,08€33,43
Demolition hammer€21,80€37,06
Electric woodplane€11,63€18,89
Rotary sander€11,63€18,89
Angle grinder big€21,08€33,43
Angle grinder small€11,63€18,89
Belt sander€11,63€18,89
Crosscut saw€11,63€18,89
Triangular sander€11,63€18,89
Hand-held circular saw€11,63€18,89

We ask for a deposit of € 72,67 per tool and for a valid identity card.

Consumables such as drill bits or saw blades are charged separately.