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The current market situation is very changeable and very difficult with regard to prices and procurement possibilities. Therefore, we can not give you binding prices in the web shop at the moment. Please use the webshop for your non-binding inquiries or contact us via email!

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A success story spanning over six generations

Friedrich Petzolt Gesellschaft m.b.H. – Tradition since 1825. Johann Georg Petzolt, a competent young man, expanded his wife’s modest general store at the corner of Wendelgasse (today Neubaugasse) and Burggasse in Vienna’s 7th district.

Their son, Johann Babtist Petzolt, continued the management of his parents  business. During the course of the subsequent generations the one-storey  Biedermeier  house was pulled down and replaced by the large building that stands on the site today.

The Austro – Hungarian  empire, as a major European power, offered ideal economic opportunities. Metals and tools experienced a boom during the late 18th and beginning 19th. The company was able to expand dramatically.

Willibald Petzolt,  third generation, dominated the metal market of the imperial and royal monarchy. His wife Fanny bore him two sons, Johann Georg and Friedrich (Fritz). The elder died in WWI.  His father was devastated by the loss of his son. He withdrew from working life and spent his later years in  Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut.

In the business Willibald Petzolt was succeeded  by his younger son Fritz Petzolt,  who guided the Company through the difficult years  of WWII. Sadly also in this generation the war claimed one son. Hans, the elder one died, and so his younger brother, Friedrich Petzolt, took over the business after returning from captivity as a prisoner of war.

At that time stocks were exhausted. Vienna was partially destroyed.  Despite many obstacles, Friedrich Petzolt succeeded in rebuilding the company.  He died in 1999, just one year before the 175th anniversary of the Petzolt  Company.

Today, the company is under it's sixth generation of family management. 1825 to 2017 and still going strong!!

Ms Christine DelMonte-Petzolt and the dedicated  Petzolt Team want to thank all their  past, present and future customers for making this success possible.